TEAse Your Tastebuds – Kombucha Pairing

Learn what is kombucha, and get a taste of various flavours of this probiotic fermented tea as paired with healthy appetisers prepared specially by our private chef.

Get some hands on experience as our chef shares tips on how to cook as well as prep healthier versions of foods that we like to eat!

Please note: we will only proceed once we have hit our minimum of 4 attendees and there will be a limit of 7 attendees.

Experience includes:

  • Tasting of various kombuchas
  • Healthy Canapes
  • Useful recipes to bring home
  • Goodie bag with healthy food¬†samples (stevia, brown rice and protein brownies)

Date: Tue, 29 May 2018
Time: 3 to 5pm
Venue:  370E Alexandra Road Singapore 159958 (exact address will be given during registration)

To register, please click here.

The Importance of Gut Health

gut health

Many think of the digestive system is important mainly due to its primary function of digestion and absorption but research is increasingly showing that your gut does beyond that – it protects us against autoimmune and inflammatory disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (IBD) too!

As the image above shows, many symptoms and body conditions can result from a leaky gut but how so?

Firstly, studies have shown that there’s a connection between the gut and the brain and gut health can affect our behaviour and moods as up to 90% of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects our emotions, is produced in the gut.

gut health

Secondly, many people who complain of inconsistent bowel movements also often complain about an increase in food cravings, inflammatory symptoms, mood swings, irregular menstrual cycles and insomnia. This is mainly because there are many organisms in your gut and the gut microbiome thrives on the symbiosis of the different bacterias (probiotics). When there is imbalance of these microorganisms, that’s when autoimmune disorders such as IBD or diabetes can develop.

That’s why having a healthy and flourishing gut is important – it enables your body to function at a more optimal level. Hence, there is more attention given to foods such as probiotics, probiotics and live fermented foods such as kombucha to repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria!


Photo credit: Dr. Axe and Pixabay

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