How long can I keep the kombucha unrefrigerated?

You can leave it outside, unrefrigerated for up to a month but we recommend keeping it in the fridge so that it can last up to 6 months. Tastes better when chilled…just like us!

Is this safe for diabetics to drink?

Yes as the sucrose from the sugar has been completely fermented and only fructose from the fruits that we use are infused into the booch. Nonetheless, we do advise that diabetics should try a shot of booch first, take their blood sugar levels before increasing daily amounts.

Is there a limit to how much kombucha I can drink in a day?

It really depends on each person as our bodies are unique. That is why we recommend beginners to try a shot a day and if there aren’t any allergic reactions or running off to the loo, feel free to increase the amount of booch drunk in a day.

Nonetheless, we must say that one should treat booch like a supplement instead of an alternative to water. It still contains traces of caffeine and acids, which means that over consumption of kombucha will result in a better gut but worse teeth.

Is there any alcohol in this?

It varies from batch to batch but on average, the alcohol content for kombucha is about 1%. Thus, it is still safe for children to drink.

Is kombucha Halal?

As stated above, the alcohol content for kombucha is about 1% or less. In fact, a ripe banana contains more alcohol than fermented tea! The general consensus is that kombucha IS halal. You can read more about it here.

What happens if I don’t have any starter tea for my first fermentation?

You can either get a bottle from us (original flavour) and use that as a starter tea or just brew without! The starter tea is just to ensure the acidity of your brew as well as to help kick start the whole fermentation process. If you’re brewing without any starter, simply allow your brew to ferment for 1-2 days before going into second fermentation.