What went down at our first mocktail mixer

Last Friday saw our first ever mocktail mixing session, co-organised with one of our partners Luke Elijah, where attendees first had a shot of each base flavour (ginger, banana, passionfruit, mixed berries, lavender and cheng tng) while the benefits of drinking kombucha were explained.

Master brewer, Melissa Fann, explaining kombucha to the attendees

After the explanation, then came the fun part – mixing their own mocktails! The mixers that we brought to the workshop were essential oils (100% edible grade), pina colada nice cream (vegan ice cream) and coconut water. To garnish, we even had mint leaves and frozen strawberries.

Virgin sangria of mixed berries kombucha with essential oils of peppermint and mandarin orange.

Everyone got to try mixing similar kombucha bases with different essential oils to taste how the flavour profiles just change with a drop of the oil. The kombucha pina colada mocktail was very well received as well! As the night progressed, each attendee got to bring home a bottle of their own concoction and mocktail of choice.

If you’re interested to attend our next event, do check out our event schedule here.